Participative installation experiment, project @ „Spatial Activity Studio 9” workshop, University of Fine Arts in Poznań. The participants requiered to enter a completely dark room and experience the emotions and sensations that the medium creates only through sound and tactile. Then the participants had to draw on an A4 paper the first impression that the dark room left them.

Artists: Marina Aristotel, Andrei Burcea, Simina Oprescu

Spatial Activity Studio 9” (13th – 17th March 2017) is an introductory workshop in space visualization and in new media held by the Polish artist and professor Slawomir Brzoska together with the assistant Rafal Gorczynski from the University of Fine Arts of Poznań, Poland.
All the works at Spatial Activity Workshop develop over the idea of space “contents” research, contents found outside of the emotionality, narration and illusive reference to what is outside of sculpture. It should be understood rather as rejection, resignation instead of adding other elements which cover “essence” of the sculpture space.
The participants from the workshop had to get used to the term of Spatial Activity and learn how to reorganize a certain space transforming it into an art-work.
Every visitor had 3 to 5 minutes to discover the space through sense and sound, feeling the living space.
FIFO(first in, first out) order.

Hosted by GO Art Projects (10 Semicercului street/ basement)