Video & sound work (2020)

Commissioned work by MOTA Museum in Ljubljana, exhibited at Equrna Galerija inside SONICA festival ‘Paradise Haunted Garden’.
and exhibited at Mestna Galerija in Nova Gorica inside PixxelPoint Festival. 

‘LUDUS’ is an experiment that aims to use the game as a mean ofresearch for the ways in which form can change the sound andinitiate the rhythm. Inside the game, the rules play an important role in setting/creatingthe rhythm, thus modulating the form, the invisible shape of sound. The secrecy of the play gives that aleatoric, unpredictable movement of sound in space. In contradiction with its rules which demand andorganise, somehow the beauty of the play lies exactly in its contradictions. If the game would be predictable 100%, there won’t be any stake of winning, the rules trace the territory/ form and thesecret confers content/ substance.

In play/game it’s a duality, the relation between visible and invisible.

“The exceptional and special position of play is most tellingly illustrated by the fact that it loves to surround itself with an air ofsecrecy. Even in early childhood the charm of play is enhanced bymaking a "secret" out of it. This is for us, not for the "others".

What the "others" do "outside" is no concern of ours at the moment.

Inside the circle of the game the laws and customs of ordinary life no longercount. We are different and do things differently.

[…] Archaic man was well aware that music was a sacred force capable of rousing the emotions, and a game. Only much later was itappreciated as a significant addition to life and an expression of life,in short, an art in our sense of the word” - Johan Huizinga -
Homo Ludens