︎ note: The sound was worked and composed with analog modular synthesis and MIDI arrangement. The text was adapted from Earth Sound Earth Signals- Energies and Earth Magnitude in the Arts by Douglas Kahn. The original dialogue was between Millet Morgan and Emory Cook. In my fascination with Alvin Lucier and Tesla, I did an abstract adaptation where a Sergeant is put to an impossible task - to eliminate a thunderbolt that came from another planet and caused serious damage to the ship. There we found a dialogue of explaining the phenomenon of whistlers compared by Cook, with the dispersion of the full-spectrum of electromagnetic burst of lightning into the magnetosphere, jumping over the equator from one hemisphere to the other, to form a glissando, to a deck of cards. They arrived on the Planet but it was utterly electro-magnetic and full of lightnings that they couldn't leave anymore, being stuck to the ground by the magnetism of the Planet in a continuous and hilarious search in catching the thunderbolt.


Work selected to be presented during the 16th edition of MERIDIAN International New Music Festival, “Planetarium” - 2020 (postponed 2021) 


Work selected and awarded inside SIMULTAN XVI. UNSTABLE STATE OF THINGS


Work selected for the National Competition BIEFF - Bucharest International Film Festival - Are we human?

︎Screened at Cinemateca Eforie at 17:00 on 19th of November 2021 ︎

Curatorial presentation
This experiment with language offers us a kind of strange encounter between F.J. Ossang’s cinema and abstract video art, against the backdrop of a SF dystopia. Simina Oprescu gives the soundscape the immersive dimension of something pretending to be extraterrestrial (or, at the very least, distant and obscure). Black, white and a multitude of organic and inorganic textures are framed in a postmodern discourse adapted from a dialogue between Millet Morgan and Emory Cook. In this realm of future danger, formal ambiguity gives us the opportunity to explore the materiality of the new world. (Daria Barbu)