Simina Oprescu (b.1993) is a Romanian composer and sound artist based in Berlin, Germany, submersing herself in the intricacies of sound's acoustic and spectral properties. Her compositions embrace a diverse array of instruments, spanning from analog synthesizers to computer music or string instruments. Simina employs acoustic artifacts from physical or natural spaces as recordings, showcasing techniques cultivated through an investigative electroacoustic composition approach.

Her praxis unfolds with a fusion of synthetic and aural elements, ranging from intricate, detail-oriented maximalist stereo compositions to immersive multi-channel sonic minimalism, reshaping the contours of acoustic spaces. Simina's exploration takes her deep into structures and phenomena, weaving potent yet nuanced harmonic narratives influenced by psychoacoustics, consciousness studies, spatial arts, and theoretical or physical sculptural installations. Her artistic thinking centers on unified immersion, sound movement, and gesture, infusing philosophical meaning into her work. Her work was presented in numerous festivals, music/radio platforms, galleries and museums, collaborating with various international video artists, and her sound compositions were exhibited in EVA International | Ireland’s Biennial, Museum Tinguely, Basel, Märkisches Museum Berlin, MOTA Museum Ljubljana, n.b.k Berlin, Hošek Contemporary, Suprainfinit Gallery Bucharest, MARe museum Bucharest (Museum of Recent Art), SONICA, Cynetart, Rokolectiv, Simultan or ORF musikprotokoll and having her work mentioned in various magazines, like Positionen Berlin or The Wire. In 2020 she was selected to be part of the SHAPE platform artist roster. 

 B.A. Department of Dynamic Image & Photography, UNArte (Bucharest) (2012-2016)
Acousmatic & electroacoustic composition, Royal Conservatory of Mons (Belgium) (2017-2018)
M.A. Sound Studies & Sonic Arts at UdK, Berlin (2021 - 2024).